The Story of QUTopia:

“Once upon a time, there was a small village in a far-away land called QUTopia. This land was hidden in another dimension within the sub-tropical town of Bris-vegas with a purple-brick road the only access to the real world. The entry-point to this real world lies between the Magic Gardens and the foot of Storey-land Bridge, which when lit with incandescent purple light, illuminates their path of knowledge and aids QUTopians to graduate to the real world that lies beyond.

This town was visited often by tourists who loved buying the local handicrafts lovingly created by the QUTopians. The Qutopians study hard to graduate from their village, undertaking a core marketing subject at the legendary University for the Real World. As part of their training to be marketers of the future, QUTopians form businesses and sell products at the famed QUTopia marketdays.

The QUTopia marketplace is built on the back of the purple cow; the native animal of QUTopia. This animal is rare. QUTopians have adopted the purple cow as their city mascot and design their businesses to stand out from the crowd through innovation in design, branding, packaging, market stall design and social media strategies.

The QUTopia logo, consisting of a cityscape in a snowglobe, reflects the ‘other world’ nature of the city; where QUTopians operate in a safe, contained environment. This allows them to take low-stake risks and innovate to be a purple cow and prepares them for the harsh reality that lies beyond the purple brick road – the real world.

So as the sun sets on this sub-tropical city, we know there are many stories of adventure, heroism and quests yet to be told. But these, dear reader, are a tale for another day.

Queensland University of Technology (2018). The Story of QUTopia. Retrieved from, http://www.qutopia.qut.edu.au/